Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does our organisation nominate for the 2018 Business and Tourism Awards?

A: To participate in the events you are required to register your organisation by completing the application form online. You can complete the process by clicking the "application" icon on the Nominate page at or by clicking on the following link: Download Submission Guide.

A confirmation email will then be sent to the nominated email address to acknowledge receipt of registration. Once application has been accepted you can commence the submission process.

Q: Can entrants submit entries into multiple award categories?

A: Entrants are eligible to nominate for a maximum of two categories, not including the John Craig Gardiner Memorial Award. Entrants will be required to submit a separate submission for each category award entered.

Q: Can I nominate for myself or someone else?

A: Fraser Coast businesses are welcome to nominate themselves for up to two awards. We do encourage the submission process to be completed by someone who has a great depth of knowledge of the business due to the nature of the submission questions.

Nominations for the Young Achiever of the Year Award can be submitted by anyone - employees of the business, business associates, friends, family, clients or customers.

Q: Is there anyone who can help with my entry?

A: Yes, there is business advisors available at no charge to assist with your application process. Our business advisors can provide assistance with;

  • Which category you should enter (up to a maximum of two categories)
  • What you need to do to enter
  • How your entry can be improved
  • Having trouble uploading image

For assistance send your questions to:

Q: What are the opening and closing dates for my application?

A: Applications open now and close 5.00pm 31st August 2018

Q: Do I need software to view and complete the nomination and submission forms?

A: To access/view/download/complete and print the nomination and submission forms, you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 (or later). Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for free and can be downloaded from the following website:

Q: How do I download and save blank submission forms?

A: There are two options to save the form to your computer's hard drive.

  1. Save the Form Without Viewing: Right-click on the hyperlinked form title, select "Save Target As" (Internet explorer) or "Save Link As" (Netscape) and save the blank form to the computer directory or folder of your choice.
  2. View the Form, then Save: Double-click on the hyperlinked form title. With Acrobat Reader installed on your computer (or a purchased Adobe Acrobat product), the form will open within your browser displayed by the Acrobat Reader software. To save the form on your computer, click on the small disk icon that appears in the upper left hand corner of the Adobe Reader frame and again select the directory or folder of your choice.

Once saved, you may access the form at your convenience on your computer using Acrobat Reader (or a purchased Adobe Acrobat product).

Q: What do I do once I have completed the nomination process?

A: Once you have submitted your nomination form. Complete the submission form that was included in the application pack from the Awards page: or by clicking on the following link: Download Submission Guide. Please refer to the Official 2018 Submission Handbook when preparing your submission which includes the conditions of entry and the award categories.

Q: Can I include images with my submission?

A: Yes you can. Entrants can submit 5-10 high resolution images of business or product with the submission paper. Images can be attached on email applications or uploaded to a CD or USB for postal or in person applications.

Q: Will you require a copy of my financials?

A: No, we will not be required to see a copy of your financial statements. We do ask that in the financial section to provide information regarding new or innovative financial strategies and/or tools.

Q: What do I do once I have prepared my submission entry?

A: Once you have completed your submission form and suitable images, please forward the form to The Awards Coordinator via the following ways.

Post: PO Box 488, Hervey Bay QLD 4655 or
In person: Fraser Coast Tourism and Events, 166 Old Maryborough Road, Pialba

Q: Our organisation entered last year, can we enter this year?

A: Acknowledging the achievements of local organisations is our first priority and therefore there is no restriction on the number of years the same organisation can enter the Awards.

Please note: Any business or tourism operator who wins a category three years in a row will be entered into the Hall of Fame. They will not be permitted to enter this particular category for the following two years.

Q: What do you do with my application details?

A: Your privacy is of upmost importance to us. Your nomination data is kept confidential and only used for the purposes of processing your entry and keeping you up-to-date about award programs. We will not use this information for any other purpose and will not disclose this information to any third parties. You may cancel your registration at any time.

Q: How do I update or cancel my application process?

A: You can update or cancel your registration at any time by sending an email to